An Art Project

Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m not the most artsy-craftsy person in the world, so many of them might find it hard to believe that I made the shell mobile that hangs in the master bedroom at our vacation home.

The inspiration for this art project came from a trip to Isla Holbox, an island off the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico. Mark and I have been there twice, the first time being in July 2008 for our one-year anniversary. Holbox is a lot like Mexico Beach, Florida in its quietness and small-town atmosphere. A beautiful shell mobile hung over the bed in our room at the small resort, and when we saw one at a local gift shop, we bought one to bring home and hang in our guest bedroom.

While we were building Sand by Me, we came into town for a regular visit and spent a day on Crooked Island Beach. It was early spring, so not many visitors, and the beach was laden with sand dollars and colorful scallop shells. We picked up so many shells that day, and I knew exactly what I should do with our bounty – I would make a mobile to hang in our new vacation home.

Every shell and sand dollar on that mobile was picked up that day and serves to remind us of a wonderful trip to our favorite beach.

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